Who We Are

We are living beings born with a vital living principle and purpose to find, research, study, develop, and build Life's given resources with the whole purpose to make the life better of all mankind.




  1. Board of Directors

    The heart and soul of the company.

  2. Chief Executive Officer

    The cyclist, the driver, the captain, and the pilot of the company.

  3. The Team
    The spirit, the halo, and the aura of the company.

Jovanny A Rodriguez

About Us

Quienes Somos


THE COMPANY (name will be revealed soon)

The main management team that will managed, control,  supervised, and oversees the everyday daily operations of the companies created by the Jovanny A Rodriguez Company.


Our Mission


is to stay on a journey to keep our life in Love, around Love, for Love, to simply make people's life better.